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TV Guides

interactive video and sound installation with live television, 8 x 5m

Viewers confront a living room environment containing a television illuminated with a spotlight. The television plays live television broadcasts, presenting typical afternoon programming of soap operas, talk shows, advertisements, and TV game shows. The imagery on the television is overlaid by cross hairs within a circle, giving the impression that the programs and the viewer are separated by a viewing scope. In response to any movement by the viewers, the television sound fades out and the cross hairs recede into black followed by text on the screen that requests viewers to remain still. The live television imagery and sound will resume only when the viewers are motionless for at least 5 seconds. Each time a television program is switched off by viewers' movements, a different text message is provided on the screen of the television, including "Please Remain Still," "Be Calm," or "Just Relax."

Exhibitions of TV Guides

Siggraph '99, Los Angeles, 1999
New York Coliseum, New York City, USA. 1997
Cyber Monde, Montreal, Canada. 1997

Video documentation of TV Guides -1995



Produced with assistance from the Canada Council