interactive video-music performance, 1995

Don Ritter: imagery and interactive programming
Tom Walsh: sound design and music performance

City streets, cars, bullet shots, pedestrians, and laughing human head combine with the speed of a modern city.

Video documentation of Excity (1995)

Video screenings of Excity

URBAN DRIFT, Berlin, Germany. 2002
VISIONS UNDERGROUND, Paris, France. 1999
VISIONS UNDERGROUND, Montreal, Canada. 1998
LUX CENTRE, London, England. 1998
GALERIE OFF-OFF, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1998
METRONOM, Barcelona, Spain. 1997
WORLD WIDE VIDEO FESTIVAL, The Hague, Netherlands. 1996
ACREQ Electro-Vidéo Clip Competition, Montréal, Canada. 1996

ACREQ Prix du Public/Public's Selection for "Excity." 1996