Elephant Keyboard
music instrument, 1x1x3m; 450kg
Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand.
Each key of the instrument provides a distinct drone or melody derived from traditional Thai music. Musical characteristics are controlled by the speed a key is pulled, and by the duration it is held.


Jo Jo, 9 year old male
Luuk Khang, 7 year old female
Luuk Kob, 6 year old male
Phrathida, 7 year old female

Design and electronic construction by Don Ritter. Construction of wooden components by staff at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center under direction of Nipakorn Singhputhankul and Don Ritter. Access to elephants provided by Richard Lair. Video documentation shot by Tamara Barton and Kurt Ossenfort, with editing by Don Ritter. Photos by Neil Budzinski.