Unnecessary Signage
38 silk screen prints on aluminum, each 41 x 58 cm, edition of 50

Unnecessary Signage resembles a series of metal road signs depicting humanity’s struggle the morality and the human condition. Each sign contains a prohibitive instruction and a pictograph that refer to a real-world event involving birth, childhood, love, marriage, parenting, social recognition, or death. Each sign is associated with an actual event that occurred within the last 30 years, such as a woman who murdered her husband eight days after their marriage (Do Not Push Husband Off Cliff During Honeymoon), or a man who was found alone in his house 15 years after dying (Do Not Be Too Disappointed When You Die Alone In A Dark Room). Each sign is accompanied with a QR code containing a link to an associated news article.

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Exhibitions of Unnecessary Signage
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2016
AlbumArte Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2015
Siggraph-Asia, Kobe, Japan, 2015
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong, 2015

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