Sustained Signage
Don Ritter, 2016
4 computer animations, each 30-40 seconds
12 silk screen prints on aluminum, each 41 x 58 cm, edition of 50

Sustained Signage is an artistic project that portrays the concerns of sustainability, including the destruction of the World through nuclear war, overuse of natural resources, climate change, and exploitation of workers.

Sustained Signage animations on YouTube viewed over 777,00 times

Supported by the Campus Sustainability Fund at the City University of Hong Kong.

Exhibitions of Sustained Signage:
Balance-Unbalance conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2018 (animations)
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2016 (prints and animations)
City University of Hong Kong, 2016 (prints and animations)

Contact for exhibition or collection of prints and animations.