Static Boy

interactive video performance, 1991
8:00 min.

Don Ritter: video imagery and interactive programming
presented with different musicians over 3 performances:
The Shaking Ray Levis, Amy Denio and Thomas Dimuzio

Synthesizer sounds control animated imagery in the background while percussion controls 2D geometrical imagery in the foreground. The background imagery originated as language training material in Quebec from the 1940's. Orpheus software is used to select all video imagery according to real time interpretations of the music.

Performances of Static Boy 
C. C. BOND AUDITORIUM, Chattanooga, Tennessee. with the Shaking Ray Levis. 1995 WESTERN FRONT, Vancouver, BC. with Amy Denio. 1991 OBSCURE, Quebec City, QC. with Thomas Dimuzio. 1991