As digital media become increasingly ubiquitous and involved with every aspect of our lives, it is pertinent to investigate how the human condition is affected: how our personal desires, feelings of contentment, and attitudes about life and death are influenced by the media we consume. The Persuaded Project is a collection of media content that pertains to the human condition.

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Unnecessary Signage
37 silk screen prints on aluminum, each 41 x 58 cm

Unnecessary Signage is a depiction of humanity’s struggle with morality, comprised of prohibitive instructions and pictographs that are presented as industrial road signs. Each sign refers to a real-world event that is related to the human condition, including birth, parenting, love, marriage, social recognition, and death


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24 digital photographic prints

Market is a series of photographs captured at a night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The photos present vendors and their potential customers, interspersed with musicians and unfortunates.
Do Not Forget the Long Walk Home
7 digital photographic prints

Do Not Forget the Long Walk Home is a momento mori comprised of photographs captured at Cheung Chau graveyard in Hong Kong.

One Street
22 digital photographic prints|

A series of documentary photographs that depict the varying degrees of comfort available to inhabitants of Hong Kong.