O telephone
8 channel interactive sound installation, 6 x 6m

Six modified 1960’s telephones are arranged in a circle within a darkened room. Each randomly rings with a distinctive sound. If a viewer answers a ringing phone, “om” is heard through the handset and through the speaker in the body of the phone. When viewers answer other ringing phones within the installation, the resulting “om” sounds will pan through all the answered phones. If no ringing telephones are answered by viewers, the telephones will spontaneously begin a new composition comprised of “om” sounds. If viewers pick up a telephone at this time, all sounds will stop and the phones will eventually start ringing again.

Exhibitions of O telephone
Hermes' Ear Festival. Brno House of Art, Czech Republic. 2009
Les Chants Mécaniques, Lille, France. 2007
Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin, Germany. 2007

Reviews of O telephone
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