interactive video installation, 5 x 10 m
work in progress

Viewers enter a dimly lit room containing a long series of steps that are surrounded by two rows of chairs. At the far end of the steps is a video projection of a window. A viewer can walk up the steps towards the projection or sit in a chair and watch the event. If a person walks up the steps towards the projected window, the image of the window becomes larger and it eventually opens. As this person moves closer to the window, the viewers in the chairs also move closer. If the person on the steps moves away from the window, the viewers in the chairs also move away. Consequently, the relative point-of-view of the viewers on the chairs remains the same as they watch the person on the steps. Amplified and processed sounds of the person’s footsteps are also heard through a sound system, becoming increasingly louder and distorted as the person approaches the window.

If the person walks to the end of the steps until their shadow appears within the window, the projection conveys the point-of-view of a person jumping out of the window and striking the ground with a loud sound. After the defenestration, the video projection fades to black and the platforms of chairs move back to their initial position. Once the person on the steps has stepped onto the floor, a projection of a new window appears on the wall.




visualization video of Defenestration