Burning Too - Hong Kong
media façade installation (mapped video projections with interactive sound)
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong,
55 x 26m (180 x 85 ft)
Don Ritter, 2016

Humanity was very dependent on fire for warmth, safety and food preparation until recent history, but actual fire for most people today is an aesthetic experience that only provides feelings of warmth or romanticism. Burning Too is a metaphorical depiction of humanity’s longstanding relationship with fire, depicted as a 55 x 26 m video projected media façade. Large fires are potentially dangerous, but Burning Too presented its audience with an experience of fire imagery that was intended to be captivating through its large scale, gentle motion, changing colorization, and interactive sound.

Burning Too was presented on the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre in Hong Kong during the opening of ISEA 2016, the International Symposium on Electronic Art. The Creative Media Centre is a unique building designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, featuring vertical edges that are not perpendicular to the ground, and its main façade is angled forward 62 degrees. During the presentation of Burning Too, a 4K Ultra HD video projection of slow moving fire covered the main facade through four Full HD video projectors. The colours of the projected fire changed continuously in real-time, while the sounds of fire were interactively controlled by the visual activity of the projection. Software was specifically designed to map the four video projections onto the diverse angles of the Creative Media Centre, and the overall fire imagery appeared to the audience as one unified Ultra HD projection of fire synchronized with sound.



Presented during the opening of ISEA2016, May 17 and 18, 2016
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Don Ritter: director, system design and programming, mapping, video and sound editing
Cleo Song: production coordinator
Mitch Martinez: raw video footage
Hao Li, King Him Fung, Ching Yung Yau: assistants

Documentary photographs and video by Don Ritter, Luna Leung, and Ching Yung Yau.

Project supported by the City University of Hong Kong